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Add ability for users to send emails via our contact page and include attachments.

Uploader Framework

Use our copy of FineUploader which is already in the project as the following files:

  • \txhr\HuskyRescue.Web\Scripts\Vendor\jQuery\Plugins\jquery.fineuploader-3.1.1.js
  • \txhr\HuskyRescue.Web\Content\Styles\Vendor\jQuery\Plugins\fineuploader.css

The version of the JS file may change as I will be upgrading our copy of this application soon – I’ll update this document when that happens.


  • Up to 5 attachments at once
  • Total size to not exceed 15MBs
  • Files should not be permanently stored on the server
  • The uploader framework, Fine Uploader, allows for an area to be designated as a drag-n-drop area for the latest versions of browsers. Place this area around the entire contact form
  • The following file types (MIME types) are allowed
    • .doc / .docx
    • .xsl / .xslx
    • .jpeg / .jpg / .bmp / .gif / .png / .tif
    • .pdf

Example & Documentation

Official documentation

Example  using ASP.NET MVC C#

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