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This layout provides a framework for all screens contained in the administrative section

  • User Area
    • Location: Top Left
    • Width: 200px
    • Height: 100px
    • Contains
      • User Avatar – need default icon that is 64px x 64px (Width x Height)
      • User Name – the name of the user; first and last name
      • User Roles – the security roles the user is apart of; for example: Admin, Staff, Volunteer, Foster, etc
      • Settings Link – navigates to the user’s settings page
  • Left hand navigation
    • Location: left side of the screen, must always be visible even when scrolling through content
    • Width: 200px
    • Height: variable on number of elements
    • Navigation items:
      • Admin Dashboard – /Admin/Index
        • Navigates back to the main dashboard for admin
      • Huskies – /Dog/Index
        • Shows all dogs in the system inside a grid with search options above the grid
        • Defaults to active dogs only
      • Husky Intake – /Intake/Index
        • Shows all dogs in the system being considered for intake
      • Husky Medical – /Medical/Index
        • Shows current medical needs of all active dogs
      • People – /Person/Index
        • Shows active potential adopters, recent adopters, volunteers, fosters
      • Organizations – /Business/Index
        • Shows active businesses/organizations that provide services to the group; including veterinarians, boarding facilities, sponsors, etc
      • Supplies – /Supply/Index
        • Shows supplies we track the location of: crates being the primary item
      • Placements – /Placement/Index
        • Shows current location of active dogs and supplies with the person/business they are located at
      • Events – /Events/Index
        • Show list of active upcoming events created in our system; there may be events on the calendar (below) that exist in facebook/google only
      • Calendar – /Events/Calendar
      • Donations – /Donation/Index
        • Show items donated to our group and used for events or some other special purpose
      • Charts & Graphs – /Statistics/Index
        • Set of graphs/charts to show off the data we’ve collected regarding our work saving huskies
      • Documents – /Docs/Index
        • Show list of documents related to active huskies, people, and businesses
      • Gallery – /Gallery/Index
        • Links to photo gallery site; this may include a custom upload system. Consider using gallery server pro when v3 is finalized
      • Blog – /Blog/Index
        • Create own blog OR link to existing WordPress blog if we can redirect it to and style it to look mostly the same as our existing website.
      • Security – /SGAccount/Index (This will change to /Security/Index when custom user management is created)
        • Custom security to manage users, their roles, review logs, access, and activity in the system
      • Logoff – JSlink (This will change to /Security/Logoff when custom user management is created)<!--EndFragment-->

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