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Add mail/email opt in for website contact, adoption, foster, donor pages


The Entity_Base database table has columns for IsEmailable and IsMailable to track people that would like mail/email. We need to supplement this with new table fields:
  • MailingDateAdded - DateTime2(0) for when IsMailable == true
  • MailingDateRemoved - DateTime2(0) for when IsMailable == false
  • EmailingDateAdded - DateTime2(0) for when IsEmailable == true
  • EmailingDateRemoved - DateTime2(0) for when IsEmailable == false
Add options on the contact, adoption/foster application, and donation (via braintree) to ask if the person would like updates from TXHR in the future. Also add option for mailing on all but the contact page. When the person opts in set the appropriate field to "true" (1) and update the associated Date Added field.

Add text to the email sent to the group for each of these options to indicate the person's preference. Append the same text to the Entity_Base.Comments field.