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Background and Project To-Do List – go here for a background on why this project exists and what we desire this project to contain when we near completion. Note: I will be working on screen designs in Pencil and creating some tech design for each of them. These will be uploaded her as I get them done and linked to in the To-Do list.

Project Code Overview – go here for an overview of the project files in the Visual Studio solution


To get started download the latest code set and read the project code overview. There are sql scripts you will need to run which you can find in the project and the order is explained in the code overview.

I develop with VS 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Currently, there is no testing environment beyond running the website locally; however, I plan to create a test site on our server which we’ll be able to better test with. I have WebDeploy setup to push code out to the server straight from Visual Studio.

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